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This big new feature people have been requesting is now live! To start creating promo codes, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Marketing tab and click on Promo codes.

  2. Click on Create.

3. Name the promo code you want to create, "Promotion for new clients" for example.

4. Create the promo code itself, in this example, it will be "NewClient30".

5. Choose if the discount will be with a percentage or a fixed amount, like 30 % off or a $5 discount.

6. Select if the promo code can be used once, forever or for multiple months. If you choose the last option, then enter the number of months you would like the code to be available.

7. Choose the expiration date and number of clients that can redeem it, if you want to.

Note: If you click on Advanced options, you get 2 extra features. You can make the promo code only eligible for the first time a client makes a purchase and you can also require a minimum order value for the code to be valid.

8. Once you're done, click on Create.

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