We're glad you joined Fitune! Let's take get the most out of your account and set up your first services.

Before creating your first activity, we need to get ready with a few other details:


This is where the activities you offer will take place. You can have multiple venues, it's up to you!

You can check the Google map on the right to make sure the address it right.

If you will only offer online activities, you can just keep the one that is added by default when you create your account.

For more information on how to add new locations, you can check this article.


Add pricing options:

Choose how you would like to charge for your services, you can create memberships, drop-in and drop-in pack. You can also have a different price for each activity.


Add an activity:

With all that set up, you can now start adding your first services, whether that's group classes, 1 on 1 consultation, etc.

You can add plenty of information so your users feel attracted to it, like title, description, pictures and more. You can read the full guide in this article.


Add schedules:

Now that your activities are created, you have to assign the date and time they will be available.

You can choose to have them as a one-time activity or a recurrent one, that's where you can also choose the number of spots that will be available for that activity. If you need more help on how to add schedules to your activities, click here.


If you want to check separate tutorials for all these options, check our help centre or you can also take a look at our YouTube channel for video guides.

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