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  • Activity: the service you offer through Fitune, whether that is online or in person.

  • Auto-renew: a service that renews itself automatically until the user cancels it.


  • Booking: when a user makes a reservation for one of your activities.


  • Declined: status of a booking that has been cancelled.

  • Dropin pack: a pricing option that allows you to sell many dropin tickets on one purchase, usually for a discounted price.


  • Expertise: the fitness and wellness areas you have the most experience and knowledge with.


  • Member: a user who has acquired a membership or dropin pack.

  • Membership: a service that gives access to your activities and is charged in a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


  • Sold out: when all the spots for an activity have been booked.

  • Spots: number of people that can book an activity.


  • Venue: a place where your activities are offered.


  • Widget: a portion of your timetable that allows users to quickly book a class and can be embedded on your own website.

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