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OpenActive with Fitune
OpenActive with Fitune
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Fitune has partnered with OpenActive to help you promote your activities to millions of people across the country.

What is OpenActive?

We think the video below explains it pretty well! But in short, the OpenActive integration allows you to feature your health & fitness activities on any of the 50+ partner platforms – including websites and apps that attract millions of users.

Why use OpenActive?

This partnership comes with huge benefits for you!

  1. You've got the ability to list your classes and activities on local websites with millions of users. See the list of platforms below.

  2. There is no charge for this additional service, basically, you can see it as FREE MARKETING for your health & fitness classes and activities.

  3. Gain new customers

  4. Public listings estimated to increase bookings by 10%-25%.

  5. Fitune will allow you to directly receive bookings through the OpenActive partner network. This allows new customers to easily discover you and pay for your service in one go.

When is the OpenActive connection available?

The integration is currently under construction and will be available very soon. Drop us a message at [email protected] if you'd like to learn more and publish your classes through openactive.

How do I promote my classes on the OpenActive network?

Once the integration is complete, head over to the ''Settings'' page and click on ''integrations''. Here you'll be able to enable the OpenActive integration, which will then allow you to display your activities on various platforms.

Where can my classes be featured?

Coming soon:

  • Classfinder

  • Decathlon Play

  • MCRactive

  • Sport England's

  • Get Active

  • Sport Birmingham

  • Several London council websites

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