First, you have to connect your Vimeo account:

1. Go to Settings and then Integrations.

2. Click on Connect account under the Vimeo section.

3. Click Allow on the next page that you will be taken to.


Note: Before adding your videos to Fitune, make sure your privacy settings are set to Hide from Vimeo and disable the option to allow downloads.


For even more security, you can scroll down to the Embed section and instead on Anywhere select Specific domains and add and so it can only be embedded on those 2 domains.


Now you can add your videos, just like this:

1. Go to Video on demand and then Add video.

2. Click on Vimeo, enter the URL of the video and click on Save.

3. Fill in all the details like title, description and more.

4. If you want to offer the video for free, check the free video button.

5. You can choose a rental or one-time purchase price.

6. When you're done click on Save.

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