New options have been added to help you get the most of our of your schedule, to access them:

1. Go to Settings and then Customize Storefront.

2. Click on Common settings on the Common page settings section.

3. The first thing you can change is the Schedule type:

  • List view: that's the default one you have been using so far.

  • Calendar view: This is the new look that resembles the one from your timetable, allowing your clients to see more activities at a glance. Keet in mind pictures will not show on this view until they click on a specific activity, like this:


4. The next 2 options are only available if you use List view. First, you can choose to display the date range in weeks or days. Then the display rule, here you can decide whether you want to show all days or only those with activities on them.

5. On Schedule info you can check or uncheck as many options as you want.

6. On Filters you can decide what variables your clients can use to quickly filter your activities.

7. Once you're done making changes, click on Save.

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