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Invite clients:

1. Go to Clients and then click on Invite members.

2. Fill in the client's information.

3. You can edit the email that the client will receive.

4. Once you're ready, click on Invite. Fitune will send an email to the client with their username and password.

Upload clients:

If you want to invite multiple people at a time, follow these steps:

1. Scroll down to the part where it says Invite multiple clients at once.

2. Click on Download sample CSV.

3. Open the Excel file that just got downloaded.

4. Enter the name, last name and emails of the clients you want to invite.

5. Make sure not to delete or add any columns or use special characters.

6. Once you're done, save the file.

7. Go back to Fitune and scroll down to the part where it says Upload CSV.

8. Choose the file you just edited.

9. Scroll down and click on Invite.

10. Now all the clients on the list will receive an email with their username and password.

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