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How to embed your booking widget to your Wix site
How to embed your booking widget to your Wix site
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From Fitune:

1. Click on Embed to website.

2. In the first section, you can customize the widget to match your website.

3. In the second section, you can customize how you want to show your schedule.

4. In the third section, you can find both the URL and the HTML code for your widget. You can also choose which part of your storefront you want to embed.

5. Once you're done with the customization, copy the code or URL.

From Wix:

  1. Go to website editing mode, select the page to edit or add a new one and click on "+" on the left to add a new element.

Wix add element.png

2. Look for the "Embed" option and select "HTML iFrame"

Wix embed iframe path.png

3. Switch to “Enter code” mode.

Wix enter code path.png

4. Copy the HTML code you got from the first Fitune steps.

5. Insert the code into the Wix iFrame code window and Press “Apply/Update”.

Wix paste widget code.png

Now you're done! If you need some extra Wix assistance, you can check this link.

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