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1. Click on Activity schedules.
2. You can select the location in which you will add the date and time with the drop-down menu.
3. Then click on Add Date & Time.

4. You can also change the venue from here.
5. Select the activity you want to add a schedule for.
6. Choose the frequency*. Is this a weekly recurring or a one-off activity?

7. Select the start date.
8. Select the time it will start and set the duration in minutes, you can add extra times if you click on Add another time

9. You can set a date for the activity to stop being available on the Stop frequency field.

10. Make sure the maximum number of participants is set to 1.

11. If you click on Advanced you can set the number of spots you want to make available through this platform, which must also be 1.

12. You can limit how many hours users can book an activity prior to the start in the reservation deadline field.
13. Click Save.

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