You have the option to have drop-in, membership and drop-in pack. To set them up, just follow these steps:


1. Click on Pricing options.

2. For a Drop-in price, click on the edit button.


3. Type the price and then click Save.



1. For a membership, click on Create and on the membership bottom.


2. Name the membership and fill in all the required information like what,s included, price, frequency and if it includes on-demand video or not.
3. You can additionally add a free trial option, you can modify the days it will last or just leave it in blank if you don't want to have one.
4. Click Save.


Drop-in package:

1. Click on Create and then drop-in pack.


2. Name the pack, explain what's included and set the price.

3. Choose how may drop-in that package will provide, if it is a one-time payment or if it will auto-renew and select the duration.

4. Click Save.

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