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In this article, you will learn about the types of Pricing options that you can create within Fitune to sell to your clients, including the difference between each one and the steps to configure them.

There are 2 types of pricing options:

  1. Unlimited memberships.

  2. Packs. - This one has 2 additional types:

    1. One-time payment.

    2. Subscription.


  • Unlimited memberships and Pack one-time payments:

    • Renew automatically based on the renewal frequency.

    • You can add free trial days (for those who buy the plan for the first time).

  • Both Packs types:

    • Have credits for your clients to book any classes you include in the plan. You can assign the number of credits you want.

    • 1 credit is the equivalent of 1 scheduled space for a class.

  • All types of prices:

    • They can include limited or unlimited access to specific videos, activities, and venues based on your configuration.


  • Packs one-time payment:

    • They expire once the client redeems the number of credits available. They don't renew automatically, but your clients can buy them again after they expire.

    • They do not have a free trial period.

  • Unlimited memberships:

    • Do not have credits. But you can define the content you want your clients to have access to.

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