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How to embed your booking widget to your Squarespace website
How to embed your booking widget to your Squarespace website
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From Fitune:

1. Click on Embed.

2. In the first section, you can customize the widget to match your website.

3. In the second section, you can customize how you want to show your schedule.

4. In the third section, you can find both the URL and the HTML code for your widget. You can also choose which part of your storefront you want to embed.

5. Once you're done with the customization, copy the code or URL.

From Squarespace:

  1. On your Squarespace account, choose the page where are planning to insert your booking widget. You can use a new page in Main Navigation designed specifically for online booking.

Squarespace add new page.png

2. Open the page editor. Remove the default booking block.

3. Click on "+" in the top right corner and select Code from the Block Menu.

Squarespace select code block.png

4. Insert the code you copied from Fitune on the first steps, to the HTML code box and click Apply.

Squarespace add code.png

5. You may get a message that embedded scripts are disabled - it is done on Squarespace side due to security reasons but you can click on Preview to see if the widget is working.

Squarespace preview.png

¡That's it! Your booking widget is now ready. If you have questions about your Squarespace widget, check this link.

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