Welcome! We'd love to help you move your current clients into Fitune simply and smoothly. There are 3 steps to make it happen.

Step 1: Pull your current customer data from MindBody

  • From your Mindbody account... Giving us access to your account

    We can extract your customer data from your Mindbody account. All we need from you is access to your current system.


  • From a spreadsheet... Download your data and send it to us

    We recommend importing your customers who have an in-progress pass. Here's how to pull the "Visits Remaining Report" from MindBody for us to upload:

  1. Go to Reports, Client Reports, and Visits Remaining.

  2. Change time time filters to have the beginning be back at least a year.

  3. Adjust the filters to include everything - all products, locations, types, etc.

  4. Leave as a detailed report. Click Generate

  5. Export as xlsx

Then you can send that file to us & we'll upload it for you. You must have a Fitune account and completed the foundations prior to the upload.

Step 2: Review the imported data

We’ll let you know once we’ve completed the import so you can check it out.
Take a look at your clients info, memberships, packs or recurring plans & do a double check of the bookings that were converted in. We’ll import memberships and plans to customer profiles so they’re set up and ready to start booking with their existing membership.

Step 3: Go LIVE with Fitune

We'll send an invite to everyone via email on your behalf with a unique link to their own profile, and you'll be able to see who accepted the invites and if required, we can resend the invite to them.

Before sending the invites we strongly recommend to:

  • Inform your members of the switch with an email.

  • Once you are ready, give us the go-ahead to send the invites.

Now you've got all your client data in Fitune, and you can start using Fitune for daily attendance.
Woo Hoo!

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