What Are Categories?
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Categories are like genres for your content that help your customers easily identify the type of content on your video library page.

Those categories should be broad, just like movies are organized like comedy/documentaries/popular/etc., you should also organize your content into categories that allow you to group several videos under it.

For clients to see any of your videos, they must be added to a category since your video library displays content organized by categories. For example, If you're running a yoga business, you might have your videos organized by Hatha, Ashtanga, or Meditation.

Some of the best practises or inspiration

Your week category

Create a category as "My week" or "This week", then highlight your weekly routine, not every week is like this (switch up workouts) but it gives your clients an understanding of the ideal weekly mix so they can follow.

By time reference

Create categories that help your client find workouts of a particular durating length, think category names like "20 minute", "30 minute", "40+ minute", even though they can filter by the duration you can help them to find what they want to do faster.

By type

This is the most common category, you can create a category type that describes the content.
for example "Core workouts" "Recepies" "livestreams" "HIIT"


You can collect a group of videos that are meant to be viewed toguether or in a specific orded, something like "20-day yoga challenge", "6 week handstand guide"

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