3. Launch day tips
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The day you've been preparing for has finally arrived and we're really eager to see what you have created.

It's an important moment because it's a new beginning for your business, and that's why we want to help you get the most out of it. After you follow this checklist, these are our recommendations for your launch day:

1. Invite your clients to your new platform

Whether you're switching from another platform or just getting started with one, there are a few different ways you can bring all your tribe so they can start using your services faster and easier.

  • Send a welcome email: upload a list of clients or leads to Fitune and give them a warm welcome to your amazing new website and booking platform powered by Fitune.

  • Post on your social media: this is your way of telling everyone that you're ready, you also have to explain how they can access your services because there may be many people who have never used a platform like this before. We know it's hard to create a post that looks good and it's informative at the same time, that's why we created this template that you can use for free.

  • Record and share a how-to video: videos are a great way for people to learn and catch on. Our suggestion is that you record a video showing people around your new platform, explaining how to book and buy your fitness and wellness services.

    See an example here. If you liked that example, use that same template to edit your own!

  • Add your new website to your social media bio: making sure your followers can easily access your website and booking pages is crucial for increasing your bookings and revenue.

    We recommend adding your link (e.g. www.myfitune.io/BRANDNAME) to your social media accounts to help drive traffic.

Alternatively, if you want to display multiple links, we recommend creating a LinkTree so you can show all your most important links in a single place. We'd advise you to include your website, schedules, prices, and other social media.

2. Interact with other fitness entrepreneurs

We have an exclusive community where other fitness entrepreneurs come and share knowledge, ask questions, interact with the Fitune team, and get valuable resources to keep growing their fitness or wellness business.

3. Referrals

Referrals are a win-win situation for both you and the person you refer. You get rewarded for bringing in new Fituners 😉, while your friend gets to benefit from a nice platform that will help them grow their business and might not have known about otherwise.

You can earn $50 per successful referral by introducing Fitune to your friends

If you like to get featured on our social media, tag us on Instagram when you launch!!
We can't wait to continue building the future with you 😍!

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