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Promote your business with QR codes
Promote your business with QR codes
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Using QR codes can greatly help your business, especially if you have an In-person location. When people arrive, they can just scan the code to know your schedules or purchase a plan.

You can also use this to easily promote your business since you can print them out on a flyer and leave them in your local cafe, hairdresser, or any place you consider your potential clients hang out.

Creating a QR code is very simple, here are 2 ways you can do it:

Using Google Chrome:

Chrome added an option to quickly create a QR code for any page or picture.

  1. Click on the share icon on the right of the address bar or click on a blank space on the page.

  2. Click on Create QR code.

  3. That's it! Pretty simple, you can now download it to your device and use it.

Using a website like QRCode Monkey:

The problem with using Google's built-in option is that there's no customisation at all. So if you want to add your brand colours or logo, you can use a third-party service like QRCode Monkey.

  1. Paste your links, like for your schedule and plans pages.

  2. Customise it all you want. You can change the colours, add your logo and even the code design.

  3. Click on Create QR code and then download it in any of the available formats.

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