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Can I add a card to my clients as an Admin?
Can I add a card to my clients as an Admin?

Find out how to add card to your clients from your admin account.

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If you see your clients and they want to attend a class but have not paid for it, then you can add a card from your admin account with them. Once a card is added, you can edit and delete it from your client's details page.

To get started:

  1. Go to Clients > My clients.

  2. Select the client you want to add a card to. You will be redirected to the client's details page.
    If the person is not your client yet, add them and then follow these steps.

  3. On the client's details page, go to the Details tab.

  4. Scroll down and click on +Add card.

  5. Add the card information from this client.

    ⚠️ We highly suggest that you fill out your client's card information with them at your studios, so card information is NOT recorded in chats or over calls.

Benefits if a client has an online card added:

  • As an admin, you can add plans to your clients.

  • As an admin, you can schedule booking with PAYGO prices for your clients.

  • Subscription plans added with an online card automatically renew at the end of every cycle, saving you lots of time in the long term.

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