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Learn more about what courses are, what they are for, and some benefits they can bring to you and your clients.

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If you are new to Fitune or if you haven't explored the Courses section, this article is for you.

🤔What are courses?

Courses are part of the different products that Fitune lets you offer to clients. They let you automatically book multiple activities for your clients. For example, a bundle of classes that you sell for a single price.

When your clients purchase a course, they get automatically booked to all the classes, lessons, and videos within it.

🙌🏼Courses benefits

Among the benefits of offering courses to your clients are:

  • Business growth: offering courses might be one of the easiest ways to grow your business. You can sell your courses for as much as you want and enjoy the revenue.

  • Schedule flexibility: if you offer a course with videos, your client can access it and enjoy it at their own pace.

  • Variety: you can not only add classes to your courses but also videos that will surely keep your clients entertained and interacting.

  • Organization: having courses lets you sell structured content, easy for clients to follow through.

🤩How you can use them

7- Days Fitness Challenges

These are common in the fitness industry. If you want to challenge your clients to get fit with different types of content, then courses can be the solution for that.

Create a course and divide it into 7 sections, one for each day so clients can consume it accordingly.

Paid online course

Create a course that contains different exercises and different types of content such as classes, videos, or lessons.

Clients will be able to pay for it one time and enjoy it at their own pace.

Share your files

If you have a piece of content that you'd like to sell for a price, you can use Courses to add the file you want to sell. For example, a fitness eBook.

If you use the Lessons options, you can add text and a link to where they can download the eBook after paying.

👀What will you find?

In courses, you will find a space where you can add the main details of your course such as the name, a little description, and you can even add a picture allusive to it.

You will also be able to choose the capacity for the course and if you want to sell your course for a fixed price or have it available to clients for free.

And our favorite part, the ✨content

The content part is where you can get creative and your turn to share your fitness knowledge with others.

Content can be divided into many sections so everything looks nice, structured, and easy to consume for your clients.

⚙️Content you can add to Courses

Text lessons

This gives you the liberty of adding chunks of text to your courses.

You can add regular text describing exercises included in the course, links to social media, or downloadable PDFs. Truly, the sky is the limit!

Video content

If you have uploaded videos to your video library, you can easily use them as content for your course.


A class allows you to establish recurring schedules and have multiple participants. You can add this as part of your course.

Confirmation email

You will get a confirmation email whenever someone purchases and sign up for one of your courses.

⏰Coming features

  • Exclusive downloads (Soon)

  • Quizzes (Soon)

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