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You can now set the price of your activities as you schedule them.

🗓 Create, schedule, price, and view your activity schedules... ALL on the same page.

Some questions you may have❓

How do I edit my prices?

  • Go to your Activity overview page and click on the "Actions" button. You will see the "Edit price" option.

What does each price type mean?

  • Paid:
    This allows you to set the price of the activity schedule. If you also want to include this activity within a Membership and pack, you can select this option, and then go to the Pricing page to include the activity and venue in your plan(s).

  • Free
    This allows you to set a 0 price for the activity schedule.

  • Pack & Membership only:
    If you don't want to have a PAYG price so your activities are only accessible through a plan this allows you to only include the activity within a Pack or Membership only. You can select this option at the schedule level. Then, go to your Pricing page and make sure you include the activity and venue in your plan(s).

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