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Getting Started
2. Before launch day checklist
2. Before launch day checklist

Use this checklist to review you have everything needed for launching

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We're so excited for your launch 🎉 Use this checklist to double-check you have everything ready to launch.

Before going through this checklist, please go through our Self Setup Checklist to make sure you've set everything up.

1. Added class schedule, private classes, video content, and pricing

  • Added class schedule

  • Private classes (1 on 1) - (if applicable)

  • Uploaded videos

  • Check pricing

2. Color and email customizations

  • Set color and fonts

  • Check your general confirmation email or custom confirmation emails

  • Set email confirmation for membership/subscriptions

  • Check your general cancellation policy or custom booking settings

3. Integrate inside of your website - (if applicable)

  1. Webflow

  2. Weebly

  3. Other (live chat us for instructions here!)

4. Test User Review

  • Create a test user and see the experience from their end

    • User profile/account

    • Sign in/out

    • New client account creation

    • Book a class

    • Watch a video

    • Buy a plan

5. Other Final Checks:

  • Test all links on your website or social media

  • Review spelling/grammatical errors on classes, descriptions etc.

6. Stripe is connected!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram when you launch!! We can't wait to continue building the future with you 😍 !

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